Brochure Display Stands VS Cardboard Stand

When it comes to selling tangible goods, presentation is everything. A cardboard display stand may work for paperbacks, but hardback books may need something more. By showcasing the books you want to sell in an acrylic book display, you ensure that potential customers have the best possible shopping experience.

They can see the books better and they appear to be more accessible than if they were hidden in a deep, wooden bookshelf. There are a lot more points that speak for this kind of bookshop shelving. One is that the customer sees the book so well, due to the transparency of the display, that they only take those books out of the shelf they are most likely to buy. Moreover, books less handled means they look “like new”, longer. Like mentioned before, these kind of showcases are transparent, making the book, and especially its cover, stand out more. In the end, you want to sell books and not shelves, so books are what the customer should see first.

When it comes to durability and ease of care, no other solution beats an acrylic bookshelf. They are easy to clean, look good longer, are incredibly durable and nearly unbreakable. Combine this with their low price and you have an unbeatable combination. To make the most out of them, it is important to never use any abrasive materials or liquids when cleaning them. A bit of warm, soapy water, a microfiber towel or simple window cleaner and an old, but clean, kitchen towel gets the job done without leaving scratches.

There are several possibilities where you can buy acrylic display stands. One obvious place would be at trade shows. Look out for them when you visit the next book fair. However, in my personal opinion, it is often cheaper to buy an acrylic book display online. I would use a trade show to see and handle them, but then would go hunting online for the best price. This way you get the best of two worlds! Acrylic displays are worth every cent you spend on them, but in today’s economy, it is important to keep an eye on your expenditure. Check online sites that offer them carefully for refund policy, warranty and the like and do not fear to compare prices and / or ask for bulk discount when ordering larger numbers. You might even consider a shopping coop with other bookshop owners in your area to take advantage of better bulk rates. No matter where you buy them, it is assured that you will not regret this investment and will benefit from your acrylic display stands for many years to come.

Brochure display stands, holders and acrylic sign holders are a great, low cost way to promote your business. Whilst much focus is on digital advertising these days, there is no doubt that for both product and services industries, having printed materials that your customers can take away is still a critical promotional tool. Many industries rely heavily on this type of tool, including finance, retail,  education, real estate, health and beauty, leisure and hospitality, healthcare – as well as many government agencies.

Decide whether you want a wall mounted unit or counter standing unit. Some counter standing units can also be wall mounted. However, specific wall mounted units are better suited for this purpose and generally attach better and look better on the wall – as they sit closer to the wall.

Get the right size. The 3 most common sizes are A4, A5 and DL. A4 is the standard size of a sheet of paper. A5 is half of this size – and DL is 1/3 of A4 size. Some brochure holders are designed to carry more than one different size – eg an A4 unit often can display 2 facings of DL sized brochures

Determine if you want portrait (vertical format) landscape (horizontal format). Most brochure and sign holders are in portrait format – however some landscape units exist if you look around.

Determine how many pockets (or facings) you require. Most units have between one and four pockets. You may choose to get a larger unit just to carry more brochures. For example a 2 pocket A4 unit can carry twice the number of one type of brochure as a single pocket unit. Some units are modular and you can add them together and custom build your display.

Look for other features. Some units have a business card holder included – and others have a clip on business card holder that can be added.

Thing about what your requirements are going to be in the future – it is easier and cheaper to get the full solution first rather than starting with a small unit and adding more units onto this continually.

Choose between single piece units and those that are constructed form a single piece of vacuum molded clear plastic. We recommend the single piece design – as price is usually similar, but they are stronger and look better – as well as not having sharp edges

If you are looking to buy a large quantity, you should get a bulk discount. Also, beware of the freight charge – some companies charge large amounts in freight and others are freight free – or have a set freight charge. Visit us at

The Future Lies Within Text Marketing

There are many different types of mobile marketing, however – mobile marketing using text message is most definitely what everyone is talking about. Cell phones are not just for a select few, nowadays – everyone has one! It is a fact that more and more people each day rely on their phone for so many different parts of daily life. Phones aren’t just for talking into anymore, they are used for music, photos, research, directions, social media . . . the list goes on. Above all, text messaging has become a major way people are communicating. Even those without smart phones are able to text – the immediacy, simplicity and convenience of a text message has not gone unnoticed by the marketing industry.

There are parts of mobile technology that are not a good fit for a number of companies. Certain apps out there can be hard to apply, difficult to understand, or not quite developed enough to be involved in a business’ marketing plan. However this is not true about text messaging. Text messages are basic. Text messaging or SMS – which stands for Short Message Service – is a standard feature, which enables a cell phone to send and receive messages.

There are two ways to apply mobile marketing using text message. The first is sometimes referred to as a text marketing – or sending a message out to a mass of consumers. These people will come from a customer or client database, and they will have voluntarily added themselves to the list by opting in as a mobile subscriber. The second way to apply text messaging to a marketing plan is to encourage a customer to text-in for information. Typically this is where a business would incorporate a “keyword” and use a short code.

For example, “Text MONDAY to 96000 for half-price on your order!” The business will send a generated response to the consumer with a mobile coupon – while adding the person to their database for future marketing messages. Using both of these techniques in a variety of ways will allow for a lot of flexibility in marketing efforts. The best way to grasp a full understanding of how mobile marketing using text message works, and how to properly apply it to your business – is to connect with an established SMS provider. Social Fuse has a fantastic reputation, known for their easy-to-use interface and versatile tutorial videos.

Lately, text message technology has advanced into something called MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service. This is an upgraded version of SMS, where messages are not limited to text, they can also include pictures or videos. Not all phones have this capability, but this leads us into a whole new dimension of text message marketing possibilities.

Take A Big Business Approach With Mobile Marketing Using Text Message

Text message marketing has bridged the gap between small companies, and large corporations. Everybody wants to get down to basics, and now, everybody can. In the past, text marketing was reserved only for Fortune 500 companies – in fact, it seemed like these giants were trying to keep the technology as their secret weapon. Well, this is definitely no longer the case, as Social Fuse steps up to challenge of creating affordable and customizable text message marketing plans.

You don’t need a hot celebrity involved with your marketing, nor do you need a massive budget. Small businesses are easily able to create effective marketing plans using text message marketing, and they are able to accomplish this in big company style by taking a few notes of what works, and why. Take a look at some of the biggest commercials out there.

Humor sells, and humor doesn’t cost anything. As a business owner, making your text message marketing campaigns light, with a comedic edge can be a great approach. In commercials, it seems as though all types of humor are fair game – although I’d advise to be a bit more careful via text message. Be sure to carefully test any funny approach you take so as not to come off as offensive or unprofessional. Everyone welcomes a laugh – therefore pulling this off is certainly well worth the effort.

Remember we are all human. Adding a level of sincerity is also a very effective approach to a marketing theme. Playing to emotion adds a universal take to communication – although again, this is another area to tread carefully. You don’t want to associate sadness or grief with your business, however nostalgia or human connection can be very effective. Just remain candid, and it will be hard to go wrong.

Surprise people. A touch of something unexpected will grab the attention of any potential customer or client. Even though text message marketing is all about a brief and to the point message, catching your customers off guard in a good way will ensure your message is not to be forgotten. So much of advertising is the same, and this is why people tune it out. Get creative and think of ways your company can stand out like checking some software like Call Loop sms marketing software.

The goal here is to take the time to think carefully about mobile marketing using text message approach. Brainstorm with your team, test ideas, and pay attention to what other companies are doing. Pull out the elements that work for them and make them unique. Watch out for what isn’t working and make the changes immediately. Get creative and have fun with mobile marketing. To be a small business with big business success, it takes big business effort – not a big business budget.

Industrial Computer Enclosures Aren’t That Alien

Industrial computer enclosures are a popular design; wholesale computer cases, Antec computer system cases, Alien computer cases and more. A case is essential to the life expectancy of your computer system by making it possible for effective air flow.

By far, the most popular cases are computer system tower cases. They are the most convenient to work in, because of the space, and they are simple to place under a computer desk. When you are getting ready to acquire a computer case, here are a few things that you should think about.

The air flow of a case is exceptionally essential to the life of your computer system. Poor air flow will trap heat inside the case which will minimize the life of your parts.

Case Fan Positioning – The location and orientation of case fans is the very best method to ensure excellent air flow. The best setup of computer system tower cases will include fans that both pull air into the case, and exhaust air out. Higher end cases will have anywhere from 1 to 3 fans on the front of the case that pull fresh air into the case. These fans will generally blow over the hard disk drives and optical drives and force the air into the interior of the case. Along the back of the case will be the exhaust fans that pull air from inside the case and exhaust it out the back. Some computer system tower cases will even consist of an exhaust fan on the top of the case.

Element Positioning – The area of elements can have an effect on the air flow of your case. For maximum cooling, you desire the air that is pulled in from the front of the case to blow over your hard disks, circulation through the middle of the case, and out the back. Growth cards such as graphics cards, and sound cards can obstruct airflow in the case, so careful positioning of these elements and the fans is essential to good air flow.

Cabling – Keeping your cable televisions cool inside the case will aid with correct airflow. A mess of cable televisions in the middle of the case will disrupt the airflow of the case and assistance to trap heat inside. There are a few things you can do to help this. Routing your cable televisions along the edges of the case and keeping them out of the center helps keep the middle without obstructions. Utilizing round cable televisions instead of flat ones for any IDE drives will also assist to keep air flowing through the case.

Figured out in part by the kind factor of your motherboard, you will wish to make sure that the case you get has adequate size to deal with all the parts you want to set up. For a home office computer system, you might not need a full tower case, and can go with a smaller sized form factor such as mini-ATX or micro-ATX. With smaller type aspects, you can opt for a smaller case.

For video gaming computer systems however, you will need to make sure that you have room for a couple of various components. As part of a video gaming system, Alien computer cases have received some beneficial feedback from players.

Graphics cards can measure as much as 12 inches long, so you will have to ensure sufficient space from front to back, bearing in mind that the drive bays will likewise use up room in the front. If you are preparing to utilize an aftermarket heatsink for enhanced CPU cooling, you’ll want to make sure that you have adequate room from side to side. Some heatsinks can get rather tall, and you might require as much as 8 inches of clearance from the top of the motherboard.

If you will be installing numerous drives, ensure that you have enough drive bays to install them all. You will likewise want to consider space for running your cable televisions. Some computer tower cases will consist of space behind the motherboard to run cables to the various locations within the case.

For gaming computer systems, think about the positioning of the fan installing areas. You will wish to ensure that you have enough areas, which they are in the best place to supply correct airflow.

Product and Weight.

Computer system tower cases are made from a couple of various products, with steel and plastic being the most typical. If you require mobility however, you might wish to look at aluminum. Aluminum cases tend to cost a bit more, however are much lighter then steel, and far more durable than plastic. Aluminum cases will also assist to keep heat levels down inside the case, as they conduct heat much better than steel or plastic. For a home office computer, this is not that huge of a consideration. For a video gaming computer, specifically one that has to be portable, you might wish to seriously think about aluminum, even with the boost.