Top 15 Business Opportunities in California

California’s Top Business Opportunities 2019

California is one of the states in America that has the biggest population, making it possible for small business owners and business starters to earn a good profit even without franchising a popular brand.

If you are considering this state where you can start your own business, big or small, here are the top 15 ideas you can use.

Alteration Service

Homebased alteration service can make you a bunch of money if you have have a sewing machine and the sewing skills to be able to provide the fabrics and garments to clients. You will only be needing a small amount of capital here since your talent is your greatest asset.

Souvenir Store

Although variety of gift stores are already existing in the market, there are still a room for new ones especially during the peak seasons like Valentines, Halloween, Christmas, and many more. If you are creative and innovative, this business can accumulate big earnings at the end of the year.

Fitness Center

Everyone wants to be fit but are lazy to leave their home when the gym is far away from their houses. If you find a good location, even near your neighborhood, fitness center can generate a profit without you having to fully operate it. Let the gym equipment do the work for you.

Pet Grooming>/h2>

Since almost everyone has their own pets, you can set up your own grooming shop near your home where anyone in your neighborhood can locate it. It is capital friendly. All you have to do is to be vibe with the pets.

Hair Salon

The basics about being a woman is that they have to look good all the time. One of the benefits of starting a salon is that you can begin with a small place anywhere around the state and still get clients who will basically buy your services repeatedly if they are satisfied with the first try.

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are a thing now. It’s popular to students and employees who basically need a nice ambiance when they’re studying or working on something in front of their notebooks and laptops. Be sure to set up a shop in a busy location and add something extra to every coffee your customers order.

Pizza Shop

Pizza will never be out of date. A lot of people loves this snack and if try to look at the history of pizza shops in the state, you will see a big difference from where they start and where they are now. You can start you shop small and make sure to add capital little by little if you want an expansion.


Many people loves a one stop shop. You can sell clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and other accessories in a boutique and make a good income out of it. Be sure to keep your style up to date so to attract young and professional people.


If salon is for women, barbershop is for men. This is a good business considering that men always go to barbershops to clean off their beard and shave their hair. You can place it wherever in town and still make a good earning out of it.

Pet Supply Shop

You can set up you go-to pet supply shop if you are tight with your capital or establish a brick and mortar store because Californians love their pets so much that they are willing to pay for expensive goods for their pets.

Dance Studio

If you are a dancer and you love mentoring, you can start a dance studio to make a profit out of the talent you have. This is an ideal business for people who don’t want to spend big capital. All you need is your dancing and mentoring skills.

Spa Services

Everyone needs pampering a little more often in their lives. Set up a spa salon and offer services like nails services, foot spa and scrub services, waxing, facial, and many more. There are a lot of available options for this business. Be creative enough so your clients will come back.

Laundry Service

Consider people who have no time for their own household chores like doing their laundry. It’s a good thing to start a laundry shop knowing that people in California are mostly busy attending to their jobs.

Bakery Shop

If you love baking and you know you can make good pastries and cakes, try setting up a bakery shop. It doesn’t have to be big, you can always start with small space and small income. Your baking skills will surely attract good profit.

Cleaning Services

You can set up your own cleaning shop and hire few people to do the job. You can include cleaning services like general home cleaning, plumbing, fixing indoor damages and a lot more things.