The Future Lies Within Text Marketing

There are many different types of mobile marketing, however – mobile marketing using text message is most definitely what everyone is talking about. Cell phones are not just for a select few, nowadays – everyone has one! It is a fact that more and more people each day rely on their phone for so many different parts of daily life. Phones aren’t just for talking into anymore, they are used for music, photos, research, directions, social media . . . the list goes on. Above all, text messaging has become a major way people are communicating. Even those without smart phones are able to text – the immediacy, simplicity and convenience of a text message has not gone unnoticed by the marketing industry.

There are parts of mobile technology that are not a good fit for a number of companies. Certain apps out there can be hard to apply, difficult to understand, or not quite developed enough to be involved in a business’ marketing plan. However this is not true about text messaging. Text messages are basic. Text messaging or SMS – which stands for Short Message Service – is a standard feature, which enables a cell phone to send and receive messages.

There are two ways to apply mobile marketing using text message. The first is sometimes referred to as a text marketing – or sending a message out to a mass of consumers. These people will come from a customer or client database, and they will have voluntarily added themselves to the list by opting in as a mobile subscriber. The second way to apply text messaging to a marketing plan is to encourage a customer to text-in for information. Typically this is where a business would incorporate a “keyword” and use a short code.

For example, “Text MONDAY to 96000 for half-price on your order!” The business will send a generated response to the consumer with a mobile coupon – while adding the person to their database for future marketing messages. Using both of these techniques in a variety of ways will allow for a lot of flexibility in marketing efforts. The best way to grasp a full understanding of how mobile marketing using text message works, and how to properly apply it to your business – is to connect with an established SMS provider. Social Fuse has a fantastic reputation, known for their easy-to-use interface and versatile tutorial videos.

Lately, text message technology has advanced into something called MMS, or Multimedia Messaging Service. This is an upgraded version of SMS, where messages are not limited to text, they can also include pictures or videos. Not all phones have this capability, but this leads us into a whole new dimension of text message marketing possibilities.

Take A Big Business Approach With Mobile Marketing Using Text Message

Text message marketing has bridged the gap between small companies, and large corporations. Everybody wants to get down to basics, and now, everybody can. In the past, text marketing was reserved only for Fortune 500 companies – in fact, it seemed like these giants were trying to keep the technology as their secret weapon. Well, this is definitely no longer the case, as Social Fuse steps up to challenge of creating affordable and customizable text message marketing plans.

You don’t need a hot celebrity involved with your marketing, nor do you need a massive budget. Small businesses are easily able to create effective marketing plans using text message marketing, and they are able to accomplish this in big company style by taking a few notes of what works, and why. Take a look at some of the biggest commercials out there.

Humor sells, and humor doesn’t cost anything. As a business owner, making your text message marketing campaigns light, with a comedic edge can be a great approach. In commercials, it seems as though all types of humor are fair game – although I’d advise to be a bit more careful via text message. Be sure to carefully test any funny approach you take so as not to come off as offensive or unprofessional. Everyone welcomes a laugh – therefore pulling this off is certainly well worth the effort.

Remember we are all human. Adding a level of sincerity is also a very effective approach to a marketing theme. Playing to emotion adds a universal take to communication – although again, this is another area to tread carefully. You don’t want to associate sadness or grief with your business, however nostalgia or human connection can be very effective. Just remain candid, and it will be hard to go wrong.

Surprise people. A touch of something unexpected will grab the attention of any potential customer or client. Even though text message marketing is all about a brief and to the point message, catching your customers off guard in a good way will ensure your message is not to be forgotten. So much of advertising is the same, and this is why people tune it out. Get creative and think of ways your company can stand out like checking some software like Call Loop sms marketing software.

The goal here is to take the time to think carefully about mobile marketing using text message approach. Brainstorm with your team, test ideas, and pay attention to what other companies are doing. Pull out the elements that work for them and make them unique. Watch out for what isn’t working and make the changes immediately. Get creative and have fun with mobile marketing. To be a small business with big business success, it takes big business effort – not a big business budget.

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